The Patient-Centric Agile Supply Chain Credo


From novel therapies, to the rise of global serialization, to the ever-present pressure of delivering critical medicines to the right patient at the right time, the demands on the life sciences supply chain are increasing at an accelerated pace. Add the need to respond to an ever growing number of disruptive events, and it is clear that the industry's current supply chain model is insufficient to meet these challenges.

The Patient-Centric Agile Supply Chain Credo is a set of guiding principles designed to help navigate the digital supply chain transformation journey. Consider this credo the north star to create a patient-centric agile supply chain that brings more speed, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability across the entire value chain—and ultimately ensures every patient gets the products they need, when they need them, safely and securely.

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Core Values
Patient Icon

Customer/Patient Outcomes
Over Process Metrics

Network Data Icon

Network Collaboration
Over Siloed Data

Human Intelligence Icon

Human Insight
Over Rigid Automation

Demand Driven Icon

Over Supply-Driven

Four Guiding Principles of The Agile Supply Chain Credo


1. Deliver SAFE PRODUCTS/MEDICINES ON TIME and in full to customers/patients.

2. Exercise RESILIENCY and ongoing RESPONSIVENESS to customer/patient demand.

3. Continuously SHARE DATA and orchestrate OUTCOMES with a customer/patient-driven, end-to-end supply chain. 

4. Use technology to augment the INSIGHTS OF PEOPLE.

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The Agile Supply Chain Credo calls on the industry to create resilient, end-to-end supply chain network best practices, focused on people who need, build and deliver products.


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