Corporate Social Responsibility at TraceLink

At TraceLink, we seek to make the world a safer and healthier place while improving the lives of others and contributing to the greater good.

Meet the Heroes of COVID-19: TraceLink's $1 Million COVID-19 Relief Grant Recipients
Our Objectives
Healthcare CSR

Share innovative ideas, information, and cutting-edge technology to reduce mortality rates

Healthcare CSR

Support access to healthcare around the globe

museum of science

Create a healthier, safer world by volunteering, and give back to the community

Giving CSR

Be a responsible organization and operate with integrity

Giving CSR

Better ourselves and our communities, and make a positive impact in every life we touch

Giving CSR

Help the world become a better place

TraceLink's Do More Program
Ethical Business Practices
Sponsorship and Company Match
Corporate Grant Program

Volunteerism, Sponsorship, and Matching Gift Program

Every TraceLink employee dedicates at least one day of community service each year, with many departments volunteering together. Employees with the most volunteer hours in a calendar year are recognized for their service. In addition, TraceLink sponsors other team volunteer efforts, including road races, food drives, care packages, and more. 

TraceLink is honoring a  corporate global commitment to make the world a  safer and healthier place to improve the lives of others and contribute to the greater good. TraceLink illustrates its pledge, in part, through the Do More Sponsorship and Matching Gift Program. Our company program will match, dollar-for-dollar, for employee charitable contributions up to a certain dollar amount. TraceLink is primarily encouraging charitable giving to organizations focused on disease/illness research and prevention, secondarily on education and technology. 

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Corporate Grant Program

TraceLink awards up to three grants per calendar year with a primary focus on healthcare-related causes and a secondary focus on environmental or community issues such as: 

  • Screenings and immunizations
  • Surgical procedures
  • New technology/treatment to reduce mortality rates
  • New research, technology, and treatment to combat disease and reduce mortality rates
  • Drug prevention programs, combating opioid/RX drug abuse
  • Eldercare programs (surgical procedures, medication, etc.)
  • Adolescence/Pediatric initiatives (i.e. cleft lip/palate repair)
  • Repairing btcc交易所官网homes, clinics, etc. in disadvantaged areas
  • Helping to provide clean/safe water to communities in need through technology (e.g. desalination)
  • Purchase and distribution of equipment to prevent the spread of malaria

To apply for a grant, download the form below and email it to

Download Grant Proposal Form
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