Egypt Compliance

The Egyptian government is moving forward with its commitment to patient safety through a standards-based, end-to-end track and trace system. TraceLink has been actively working with industry associations and standards groups to stay updated with regulation information. Stay informed by visiting our Egypt Regulatory Update page for a compilation of the recent regulatory updates for Egypt. 


Product Serialization 

A complete suite of proven applications allows companies to create and exchange serial numbers as well as manage serialized operations: Serial Number Manager, Serial Number Exchange, and Serialized Operations Manager.

Smart Inventory Tracker

Serialization and aggregation management for warehouses and distribution centers, including serialized shipping and receiving and exception management as well as integration with Serialized Operations Manager to trigger associated warehouse events.

Automated Validation Manager

Automated execution of test scripts and documentation to support continual software compliance aligned with GxP standards, including validation materials for Egypt solution components, Smart Inventory Tracker and Product Serialization. Automated Validation Manager addresses the requirements of the Performance Qualification (PQ). With Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) support also included in the SaaS license, TraceLink reduces the cost and time associated with validating your compliance solution. 

TraceLink University

Give your team the training and skills to support your compliance and business requirements. Enhance the value of your TraceLink solutions with instructor-led courses, self-paced learning, and hands-on experiences that go beyond core product training. Select the support that aligns to the needs of each team member—from individual contributors and department managers to administrators. 

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