Agile Process Teams

Disruptions Don't Run Your Supply Chain...You Do

Resolve incidents faster. Quickly approve supplier quality documents and change requests.
Dramatically improve delivery performance.

Email is not the solution. People are. Issues aren’t resolved in your inbox.
Identify, collaborate, and rapidly resolve critical issues in your supply chain with Agile Process Teams.

Agile Process Teams Overview

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"The biggest challenge has always been - where are the facts. Not buried in someone's email, which is the fundamental problem when you start to cross either company lines, or when you have complex companies... Who agreed to what, when did we agree, where's the document, where are the facts that allow you to have a fact-based conversation that drives the resolution."

Senior Supply Chain Executive
Global Pharmaceutical Company

Agile Process Teams - The Ultimate Multi-Enterprise Solution for Business Process Collaboration

TraceLink Agile Process Teams™ is a virtual workspace that securely networks people from different companies in order to collaborate on critical business processes. With Agile Process Teams, companies can quickly resolve supplier incidents, approve change controls and conduct quality document reviews.

How Companies Use Agile Process Teams

Change Management

Accelerate approvals of supplier change requests

Change Management

Material Shortage Leading to Change Controls 
Material Change from Sub-Supplier 
Process Control Change

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Incident Management

Team with your suppliers to resolve issues 

Incident Management

Material Shortage
Late Shipment
Packaging Problem
Serialization Issue
Updated Supply Plan
Product Quality Document Deviation
Production Delay at CMO
Out of Specification Process Control

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Quality Review

Speed up quality approvals by 75% 

Quality Review

Batch Record Review

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Prevent minor incidents from turning into major disruptions

Tired of losing track of incidents such as damaged shipments and missing documentation in a haze of emails and spreadsheets? Gain visibility into issues so you can proactively manage them before they turn into costly problems. Use Agile Process Teams to cut through the fog. 


Accelerate approvals of supplier change requests

Streamline the change control process by establishing a consistent, structured process for evaluating and approving supplier change requests. Requests and supporting documentation no longer need to sit in email inboxes waiting for a response.

Speed-up quality approvals by as much as 75%

Accelerate reviews and approvals of batch record reviews and other quality documents by centralizing information and using a structured process. Create a review process with a schedule and accountability that can be tracked. 


Increase supply chain agility

By responding to incidents and approving change requests and quality documents faster, your supply chain will become more agile. In an environment of increasing disruptions, supply chain agility is a key competitive advantage. 

Team with your suppliers to drive improvements 

Work directly with your suppliers and their experts to rapidly resolve issues and improve processes. The result? Superior delivery performance, quality, and responsiveness. 


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Leverage the 280K-Member TraceLink Digital Supply Network to Onboard Partners Quickly

Many of your suppliers and CMOs are already on the TraceLink Network.
This means these partners are verified and can quickly start collaborating with you.

TraceLink digital Supply Network

Get started immediately

Start getting today's supply chain chaos under control now with Agile Process Teams -- no lengthy implementation or integrations required.

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