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Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone

Eliminate the labor-intensive and costly need for point-to-point connections and custom engineering for data translation with TraceLink's unique network architecture that allows you to integrate once and interoperate with everyone.


  • Seamless onboarding of all your trade partners. After we integrate your company, our Network Services Team onboards all of your trading partners to the TraceLink network even if they are not TraceLink customers. Whether you only have a few partners, or thousands, every one of your partners will be added to the TraceLink network at no additional cost to you.

  • One data connection for all trade partner transactions. You use your single data connection to TraceLink to seamlessly communicate with all of your trade partners and exchange data required for serialization, compliance and collaborative business processes.

  • Automatic data translation into the formats that your partners prefer. You define the format of the data you’ll be sending to your partners as well as the format of the data you want to receive and TraceLink handles the rest. Our network-tenant data translation engine takes incoming data in whatever format a supplier chooses to use and translates all the information into the format you've selected to use.

  • Advanced business logic eliminates the need for custom coding. Meeting global compliance requires a solution that can send the right information at the right time to the right trade partner or regulatory ity. TraceLink has developed business logic that inspects the events and target markets for the product to determine what trade partner transactions or regulatory reports should be created and exchanged. This approach greatly simplifies the implementation and custom code that is typical in alternative solutions and ultimately reduces the risk of a successful deployment.

  • Streamlined workflows shared with everyone. Unlike on premise and single-tenant solutions where every integration is a time-consuming, costly custom build with no possibility of leveraging prior customer integration work, TraceLink customers benefit from the hundreds of companies that are already on the network. We take the information maps, format interoperability, messaging choreography, and configurable workflows that we’ve developed for each preceding customer and allow new companies to leverage that work to speed their integration process.

  • Lower, more predictable annual costs. Because TraceLink does not utilize point-to-point connections, you will never experience additional annual costs for upgrades, updates, or maintenance. When changes occur to regulatory requirements, standards, or data exchange methods, TraceLink addresses these changes for you as part of your annual subscription.
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