Digital Supply Chain

Network Directory

Discover your trade partners that are already on the TraceLink network and establish secure links between them so that you can start sharing information and collaborating on a range of business processes.


  • Create a user profile. Your profile is searchable by any on the TraceLink network. It can include your company name, industry, business segment, and country, as well as a photo, your professional skills, and select experience that may be useful for other community members to know.

  • Search for relevant members and content. You can easily discover company profiles, individual profiles, links to companies with whom you do business, and discussion threads shared by other network members.

  • Define your data exchange preferences. You define the format of the data you would like to receive regardless of the format your trade partners may use. No need to develop any custom business logic for data exchange.

  • Make a link request to trade partners. After discovering your trade partners on the TraceLink network, you can request a link to connect. Once your link request is accepted by your trade partner, you’re able to start exchanging data.

  • Contribute to discussions. You can view and contribute to existing discussions as well as add a new discussion in which other members can participate.

  • Check the status of a product. Users can access TraceLink’s product verification portal to view product status by entering a serial number (for serialized products), or a product code and lot number (for non-serialized products).

  • Access audit trail documentation. View information for all of your activity that takes place on the network as part of TraceLink’s built-in 21 CFR Part 11 audit trail capability.
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