Production Tracking

Visibility into the manufacturing and packaging processes at contract manufacturers is a critical need for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Most pharmaceutical manufacturers either don't have visibility or the visibility they do have is dated and not timely. Further complicating the process is that when the manufacturing status and inventory information is provided, the data must be manually entered into the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s internal business system.

TraceLink’s Production Tracking application provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with visibility into manufacturing and packaging processes at their contract manufacturers. Production Tracking also uses TraceLink’s Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone™ architecture eliminating the need to establish point-to-point integrations with each contact manufacturer. The pharmaceutical manufacturer has full visibility into the production process from material acquisition through to delivery allowing them to manage their contract manufacturers as an extension of their manufacturing processes.

With Production Tracking you can:

  • Exchange Purchase Order and Purchase Order Acknowledgement with contract manufacturers
  • Automatically receive and process Material Issued, Material Consumed, and Material Produced transactions by lot number
  • Receive insight into planned and actual start and end dates for manufacturing process phases including material acquisition, production, quality, and delivery
  • Cross link information about production runs with quality batch record review processes
  • Track and monitor key performance indicators across contract manufacturers including On-Time Delivery, Order Fulfillment Accuracy, and Order Fulfillment Cycle Time
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