Serialized Product Intelligence

Shift from a Reactive to a Proactive Serialized Supply Chain

Accelerate Serialized Operations with Serialized Product Intelligence

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"The data generated through serialization is just as important as the product itself.
We’re excited to use this data to better serve our patients."

Head of Serialization Operations
Global Pharmaceutical Company

Serialized Product Intelligence: Discover the Value of Your Serialization Data

Serialized Product Intelligence (SPI) is a new cloud application that provides actionable intelligence for your serialized drug supply chain. With SPI, pharmaceutical companies can proactively monitor their serialized drug supply chain, accelerate the resolution of inconsistencies, and strive for timely product delivery to the market.

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How Companies Use Serialized Product Intelligence
Overview Monitor Serialization Events

Proactively Monitor Your Serialization Operations

Overview Root Cause Analysis

Perform Root Cause Analysis of Issues and Exceptions

Overview Key Functions

Enable Key Functions to Answer Business Critical Questions from Your Serialization Data

Overview Insights Into Reporting

Gain Actionable Insights into Complex Reporting and Choreography in Markets Like Russia

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Shift toward proactive serialized operations

Regain control of your serialization operations by establishing proactive monitoring and accelerating root cause analysis for speedy resolution of inconsistencies between operations and compliance. 


Keep product moving through your supply chain 

Giving your teams proactive insight into serialized operations increases the probability that products ship on time, suppliers meet their performance targets, and costly disruptions and lost sales are avoided.

Reduce product delays, reduce sales losses, release stuck inventory, and reduce cost of disruptions with your serialized supply chain

Keep your business running and growing

Achieve operational excellence. Ensure medicine availability. Strengthen brand reliability. Use SPI to focus on scaling your business and launching new products. 


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Start using SPI quickly

Start shifting from reactive to proactive serialization operations with Serialized Product Intelligence. SPI is designed to be quickly deployed with your existing TraceLink serialization system and does not require a months-long project.

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